Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles provide a framework for how we conduct business and make decisions within our organization.


We strongly believe more women are needed in the STEM workforce to fuel highest quality, world-leading innovation.


Educational research supports our belief that a pipeline of diverse, layered programs and experiences are needed for young women to pursue and persist in STEM.


  • Our goal is for ALL young women to have the opportunity to pursue the STEM career field of their choice, limited only by their talent, effort and aspiration.
  • Our aim is for all members and stakeholders of our organization to be treated with dignity and respect.


Our expertise, experience and proven track record equip us to direct our stakeholders’ resources and funds in the most impactful way.


  • Nonprofit management best practices guide all our processes – financial, governance, fundraising and grant-making.
  • We are strong stewards of our donor’s dollars and operate efficiently.