Our Founders

Thank you to the amazing women below who worked together to create High-Tech High Heels in 2001 to address the challenges they faced as women in STEM. 

Susan (Sue) Alberti

Cindy Allen

Karla Barber

Ember Bennett Hogan

Shaunna Black

Elizabeth (Beth) Bull

Lisa Byrd

Mary McDermott Cook

Engibous Family Foundation
(Wendy Engibous)

Julie England

Marla Finco

Wanda Gass

Cynthia (Cindy) Grimm

Brenda Harrison

Mary Helmick

Diana Johnson Hightower

Lisa Knipe

Melendy Lovett

Elisabeth Marley

Gray Mayes

McDermott Foundation (Margaret McDermott, deceased)

Elizabeth (Liz) Moyer

Mary Ann Murphy

Marcia Page

Carol Primdahl

Tegwin Pulley

Tamela (Tammy) Richards

Jane Schoen

Judy Shaw

Linda Smittle

Delena Spencer

Mary Templeton

Teresa (Terri) West