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High-Tech High Heels funds programs that prepare girls to pursue degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) by working with both educators and students.

The programs we fund:

Equity Training for Educators
Builds awareness, enhances skills in equity teaching, provides research based-strategies and coaching

STEM Career workshops for Educators
Informs counselors, teachers and administrators about STEM careers and dispels stereotypes

Physics Camps for High School Girls
Raises awareness of opportunities in STEM, boosts confidence and prepares students for Advanced Placement Physics

Societal norms often discourage women and girls from participating in math and science, even though there is no scientific evidence indicating a gender difference in intelligence, creativity or aptitude.

Fewer than one in five engineering graduates is a woman.


Percentages have remained nearly stagnant over the last twenty years. In 2010, women  represented only 17.8% of bachelor’s degrees awarded in engineering, compared to 15.4% in 1990. The trend peaked in 2000 at 20.6% and has been on a slow decline since.

In the engineering workforce, women represent a diminutive 10.7% , a meager increase from 5.8% in 1983.

Less than 14% of U.S. students have the math and science prerequisites needed to participate in the global high-tech economy.

High-Tech High Heels works to change these statistics by giving high school girls the tools and support they need to pursue careers in STEM professions.

By supporting educational opportunities for girls, the programs funded by High-Tech High Heels are also helping boys. Studies show boys' Advanced Placement (AP) scores increase when teachers participate in STEM Equity Training.